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How to Join

How to join Music Makers

You are invited to a free guest session where you and your child can experience Music Makers.

After your free guest session, you can join Music Makers by completing the application form and submitting a small deposit, followed by the remaining fee in full or by installments on the specified dates for that term.

A term consists of 12 weeks. You may join at any time during the term.


Fees are £7.75 per session and include refreshments for both adult and child after each session, along with a playtime to make new friends. Siblings attending at the same session will receive a 50% discount.

Helen Teasdale - Fees
Following the free guest session, a £15.50 non returnable deposit per child guarantees a place for a further two weeks, subject to availability. After this time you may settle the remaining fee for that term in full, or pay by instalments.

For example, you attend a free guest session on week 3 of the term. There is the option to pay £15.50 for a further two weeks before committing to the rest of the term. After this time, should you decide to stay, you can settle the remaining seven weeks of the term in one payment of £54.25 or by two instalments of £27.13 each.  For two children with the sibling discount, two weeks would be £23.26 then the remaining seven weeks in one payment of £81.41 or two instalments of £40.71.

A full term usually consists of 12 weeks and wherever possible with a break for school half term. A full 12 weeks is £93.00 or three instalments of £31.00. With the sibling discount, two children would be £139.56 or three instalments of £46.52. Payment can be made by cash, via online banking or cheque. Cheques will incur an additional £1.00 per cheque.

If you are new to Music Makers Carlisle, there’s 3 easy steps to join up:

Easy to Join 1 - Book a taster session

Easy to Join 2 - Attend and enjoy the taster session

Easy to Join 3 - Talk to the Session Leader about joining up

Free taster session

Book your free taster session

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