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Music Makers - Sessions

The fun packed sessions are structured and carefully designed to appeal to all ages in the group.

Teaching Principal, Helen sings live to professionally produced backing tracks, demonstrating songs and movement.

Each child has their own bag of quality percussion instruments and colourful, tactile props to illustrate the songs and music, encouraging both grown ups and children to be creative and have fun while making music.

There is a maximum of 15 children per group. Sessions last for 40 minutes.

And when the music ends…

After each session, refreshments are served for all, providing a time to relax, play and make new friends.

Fun-packed sessions

Return to Venue COVID Policy.

We are excited about welcoming you back to Music Makers! Please bear with us as we adapt together and get used to our new way of using the venues.

We are asking you to read through our COVID Policy to help us as we are take important steps to keep our sessions a fun and safe environment for you to come and take part in our Music Maker sessions.

Sessions - educational value

Content & Educational Value

Music Makers provides children with the opportunity to explore music and develop key skills:

Musical noteDevelop language and memory through rhyme and song

Musical noteDevelop social skills, confidence, self awareness and awareness of others

Musical noteIntroduces early mathematics – counting, grouping, sorting

Musical noteListening, imitating and responding to instruction Investigating how sounds are made – blowing, beating, shaking, striking and scraping a wide variety of percussion instruments

Musical noteLink sound to movement

Musical noteDevelop a curiosity to explore and respond to sound

Musical noteBecome familiar with the main elements of music – rhythm, timbre(light and shade), dynamics (loud and soft), pitch (high and low), duration (long and short), tempo (fast and slow)

Musical noteDevelop coordination and interpretation

Take a look at some photos from some of our sessions:

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Music Makers - Meet the team

Helen Teasdale

Helen Teasdale


Favourite Music Makers song:
Sing A Rainbow

Favourite Percussion Instrument: Claves

Click to find out more about Helen

Helena Lockwood

Helena Lockwood

Session Leader

Favourite Music Makers song:
Penguin Waddle

Favourite Percussion Instrument: Cymbals

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Ali Uppard


Say Hi! to Ali on a Monday at Stanwix!

Favourite Music Makers song:
Have You Heard The News

Favourite Percussion Instrument: Maracas




Say Hi! to Meg on a Thursday at Houghton!

Favourite Music Makers song:
Wind the Bobbin Up

Favourite Percussion Instrument: Castanet

Susan Dudley

Susan Dudley

Assistant and Admin Support

Say Hi! to Susan on a Friday at Houghton!

Favourite Music Makers song:
Buttercup Farm

Favourite Percussion Instrument: Triangle